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Decisions, Decisions,Decisions – there was a time (not too long ago) when all you had to do was buy the bird (only 2 to choose from at the market=fresh or frozen) wash it, stuff it,  and throw it into the oven for 4-6 hours…badda-bing Thanksgiving dinner is served….

Its all changed now – there are hours of cooking shows on tv with dozens of ways to do “The Perfect Turkey”… from where to buy the bird, I mean – from which farm in which state…from which breed,  of what age, …caged, free range, …organic,… tom /hen  etc…  and you havent even gotten it home yet!!!

My “best” thanksgiving dinner as actually was last year – kept it simple – 1 medium fresh bird roasted in the oven (stuffed only with herbs and aromatics – this one was for show  – the centerpiece…) and 3 turkey breasts that I brined and roasted for the masses….it was perfect!

I say “pace yourself” this is only the beginning of the hectic/chaotic Holiday Season – keep thanksgiving simple, it’s just the start of the cooking marathon you’ve been saving your kitchen skills for all year-long. You’ll be prepping, sauteing, roasting, and baking for the next 30 or so days…so relax and enjoy the commencement of Holiday Joy.

Oh! …dont forget – you have to be out there in line at your favorite BigBox Store for the Black Friday Crazys at Midnite (after dinner…).