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Cosmo Cocktail – Smokin Kool Hot Drink This Summer

Cosmopolitan (cocktail)

Its hot out there, solution is Cosmo Cocktail…i mean its  really really hot out there, the grill is hot,  the deck is hot , the kitchen is hot….

how about some ” koolfrosty smoke” to take you mind off it all….

turn your fave Cosmo Cocktail  Martini into a frosty action packed vessel of bubbling frost…just buy a couple of buck worth of Dry Ice from your grocer – many of them do offer it nowadays, and it wont take much,… (and be sure to take a container Styrofoam preferred) to bring it home in…..

chip off a small rock of it, size of a quarter, and after the drink is poured into the martini glass, drop in the dry ice nugget ,  it will settle to the bottom of the glass and begin to bubble with a small frosty cloud….its so cool to watch….and it keeps that cocktail so chilled, you wont have to rush thru it….this is only for adult use….

Dry Ice can be dangerous – so be careful….a drink with this stuff in it is meant for sippin…. not slammin

Enjoy & Cheers!

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Best Organic Food Store-People and Planet

Best Organic Food Store-People and Planet    – I’m a Meat-a-tarian…I love a good steak, chop,burger….but i do  try to navigate through the “Healthy Food World”.  Here you will find all things for a Healthy Diet including Gluten Free products, organic foods ,  supplements and Fresh local Organic “seasonal” produce.   One feature of this market is that if you cant find “it” Mike and his Team will find it for you….Extreme Customer Service….

Check them out at  /  call 408-782-2700

MillenniumGourmet loves these guys!!!

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Roasted Grilled Chicken California Summer Yardbird with a French Twist…

Chicken being cooked by the method of roasting.

Chicken being cooked by the method of roasting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roasted Grilled Chicken   California Summer Yardbird with a French Twist…- Although this is the middle of Summer in California, its been a kinda cool summer …rarely in the 90’s, a bit breezy too, so we’ve been oven roasting almost as much as we’ve been grillin’….here it is roasted grilled chicken.Lots of talk about the Classic French style of Roasting a Whole Chicken in the oven with the classic french herbs and garnishes of thyme rosemary, garlic ,oregano, lemon and lemon juice  and evo. The Twist is… we created the marinade 3 days ahead of time,  kept in the fridge and on the fourth day we added the chicken thighs  in a plastic freezer bag with the aged marinade and into the fridge for one more day…..then into the oven to roast (convection on ) till done….What an amazing difference in the depth of flavor, deeper , richer, heartier flavor from the aged marinade.

And cuz we poured all the marinade and herbs and whole garlic cloves onto the roasting pan to roast with the bird, those aromas filled the whole kitchen, like it does in the dead of winter when its rainy and cold outside….but now in the warmth of summer, all the windows open, we could pick up the scents of that delicious roasting chicken all the out on the deck where we were relaxing and taking in all that summer has to offer with kool cocktails in hand and giving the grill a much-needed break….

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Grilled Vegetables – Sizzlin’ Summer Vegi Grill-Saute

English: Bunches of scallions / green onions (...

Here is the perfect way to serve up that bounty of summer vegi’s you’ve gathered at the Farmers Market this weekend….and do it outside on the side-burner of you  shiny like-new grill – grilled vegetables…

Though the basic principles still apply, you will be aplying them in the great outdoors –  EVO, Saute pan, some butter and garlic and maybe some white wine (or not).  Wash and prep/peel slice all the vegi’s, the likes of various squash, spring onions, peppers, more onions, green beans, maybe some fresh herbs….

Get the burner on med high, start with evo, butter and garlic, (keep the garlic in cloves so as to pick out if needed after cooking (on not)…after seasoning oil and butter add all the prepped vegi’s and saute till you like them, light crunchy or soft tender, it’s all up to you….add  a splash of wine salt and pepper (more than you think you need) and cover for a minute or two….

onto a stylish platter and serve as  a side to that grilled fish or meat…

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Stainless Steel Grill – Get all up in your Grill this summer that beautiful stainless steel grill shining in the summer sun???….well maybe it’s a bit dusty or crusty from being covered, in hibernation all winter…and could probably use a little TLC to get it back to pristine mint condition like that 65 Mustang that just cruzed by…..

I like to use Pledge furniture spray polish to get the grime off and build up a nice polished gleam on all the visible surfaces, its amazing how nicely  it seems to cover a lot of the slight scratches and removes almost of all the build up from past creations ….makes it look like new and you will find the more often you do this, the easier it applies and shines-up.

Now that the outside of the Grill Monster is done …lifting the cover reveals another challenge – the grates and all they have accumulated from the past yr. (or so…) …no worries  – a roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil in hand  – unroll enough to completely cover all of the grilling surface – and once pressed on – turn all burners full blast full ON and cover and let it burn hot for 30 minutes…..turn off all heat and remove the foil to reveal a very clean (maybe ashy) grill ….brush with your grill brush or ball of foil and all with be good as new….or very very close to it.

Now that shiny, clean , sparkling in the sunlite mean-machine is ready for the steaks and burgers…..Summers Here!!!!We’re Ready!!!! Rev it Up!!!

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Grilled Burgers – The Perfect Burger this summer ….is?

English: Close-up of an iceberg lettuce field ...

English: Close-up of an iceberg lettuce field in Northern Santa Barbara County between Santa Maria and Lompoc, on July 31, 2005. Македонски: Поле со марули во грофовијата Санта Барбара, САД. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets keep it simple and delish  –

For your Grilled Burger  – use 20% ground beef chuck, don’t forget to make a small indentation in the center of the burger patty with your thumb to keep the burger flat as it cooks.

simple sauce of a mixture of mayo and catsup and then add anything else you like relish to tabasco, adding to the sauce makes it your own “signature- grilled burgers “.

garnishes – basic is good and classic tomato, pickles, onion (under the burger patty – the juices from the hot burger patty will soften the onion just perfectly.  Use iceberg lettuce – it wont soften in the hot burger and keep its “crunch” to the last bite….

Please …Please …Please dont “smash” the burger patty with your spatula  while grilling- all the juices will hit the hot coals and vaporize when the should have saved their magic “inside” the patty for you to savor to the last bite….

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