Roasted Grilled Chicken California Summer Yardbird with a French Twist…

Chicken being cooked by the method of roasting.

Chicken being cooked by the method of roasting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roasted Grilled Chicken   California Summer Yardbird with a French Twist…- Although this is the middle of Summer in California, its been a kinda cool summer …rarely in the 90’s, a bit breezy too, so we’ve been oven roasting almost as much as we’ve been grillin’….here it is roasted grilled chicken.Lots of talk about the Classic French style of Roasting a Whole Chicken in the oven with the classic french herbs and garnishes of thyme rosemary, garlic ,oregano, lemon and lemon juice  and evo. The Twist is… we created the marinade 3 days ahead of time,  kept in the fridge and on the fourth day we added the chicken thighs  in a plastic freezer bag with the aged marinade and into the fridge for one more day…..then into the oven to roast (convection on ) till done….What an amazing difference in the depth of flavor, deeper , richer, heartier flavor from the aged marinade.

And cuz we poured all the marinade and herbs and whole garlic cloves onto the roasting pan to roast with the bird, those aromas filled the whole kitchen, like it does in the dead of winter when its rainy and cold outside….but now in the warmth of summer, all the windows open, we could pick up the scents of that delicious roasting chicken all the out on the deck where we were relaxing and taking in all that summer has to offer with kool cocktails in hand and giving the grill a much-needed break….

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