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Pot de Creme Dessert for Your Valentine

Pot de Creme Dessert its very French, very romantic, very rich, very sinful, very simple….Pot de Creme, aka – Pot of Cream – its a classic dessert and can be romantic as …well, you know what im sayin’.

Here is a real different interpretation of it, its so so easy to do, even at the last minute as in you forgot its Valentines Day and its dinner time and your gonna need a sexy dessert….cuz Valentines Day always ends with a Perfectly Romantic Dessert.

Here Go’s:


12oz choc chips – (good ones)

4 eggs

Gran Marnier Liqueur- a splash or two

pinch of salt

80z very hot very strong java (black)

2 tbsp sugar


in a blender – add choc chips,eggs,liqueur  and salt – pulse to blend 5-7 times

with motor runnin – pour in hot java slowly and smoothly in a steady stream- it will melt choc chips and create a smooth mixture – pour into fancy cups, goblets, wine glasses…any kind of sexy vessel…into fridge to chill and firm up…

whip cream and top off each serving with a dollop…

serve with A

Kiss and Enjoy….

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